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Sole Movement is now offering the opportunity for our dancers to take their dance class home and learn faster with Movitae at a reduced cost.

We have agreed a bulk discount with Movitae and it is now available to ALL students at a reduced cost of $5 per term. (it was originally $5 per month). This will be invoiced on your next term invoice but Movitae is available now for you to use. We do encourage all students to sign up.

There are some great resources on Movitae and we are really looking forward to providing students with video feedback and information to help with their dancing. We will also be using Movitae as a communication tool.

Movitae is simple to use, just sign up! And you will receive an email and notification (once you have the app) when an item is shared with you. Please sign up ASAP so you don't miss out - instructions have been emailed but please get in touch if you need help.